Cale Owen

Cale Owen

CEO, Gym Launch & Prestige Labs

Cale Owen joined Gym Launch in 2018 and brought a unique perspective as a previous gym owner and a professional athlete. He has been a sales manager, coach, and General Manager. In January 2022, he was promoted to CEO of Gym Launch & Prestige Labs. Before joining Gym Launch, Cale played four years of collegiate baseball and one year in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. After, he pursued his dream of opening a fitness facility and joined Gym Launch in 2017 as a client. Using GL, Cale & Maggie built their gym from 31 members to over 250 in less than 8 months while working a 9-5 sales role for a local web design company. He resides in St. Augustine, FL, with the love of his life, Maggie, who is the Vice President of Operations for Gym Launch and Prestige Labs, and his two incredible children.

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